Character Creation Guidelines

This campaign will have a very Shadowrun-like feel. Your characters should have spent a significant amount of time in Valles-New Shanghai and currently reside there as part of their backstories. Yes, backstories are required, but I don’t expect anything too lengthy, a few paragraphs to a page is sufficient. Your characters should all know each other, either by reputation, having worked together in the past, or perhaps some close and continuing bond (siblings, old friends, etc.). You should build your characters so that they will work well together as a team conducting covert operations.

Please provide me with 2-3 plot hooks. I will try my best to incorporate them. They can be almost anything. One should be something only you and the GM know. This does not have to be some terrible secret, just something the rest of the party does not know at campaign start. Another should be something that your character does not know. Maybe you have an errant fork that’s trying to kill you or your mother was an async. Be creative.

I will not impose any restrictions on character creation but please focus on having a cool concept first and mechanical perfection second (this means you, Craig). If I see anything that is way out of balance I may ask you to tweak your concept. Follow the standard process outlined on page 130 of the core book. Feel free to use the Morph Recognition Guide and Transhuman (the player’s guide), as well as the other resources that Drew has so kindly uploaded to the Dropbox. Use common sense. I don’t want any surya nonsense in an urban campaign.

Above all, make something that you think you will enjoy playing for the long haul. These arcs can go for six months to a year and sometimes longer.

Character Creation Guidelines

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