Dying Light

The Cognite Conspiracy

Session 4


PCs (Players)

Apollo McCree (Nathan)
J. Robert Anderson (Craig)
Hiroshi Hardcastle (Drew)
Valter Ahlstrom (JR)
Sundance (Charlie)
Butch (Aaron)


Dr. Eldon Deckard
Mazlin Fay
The Exhuman


Triad Restaurant
Shanghai Center for Criminal Rehabilitation


April 17th, 10 AF


Encounter 1:

Cognite hit squad at the Triad meeting

Encounter 2:

Mazlin Fay
The Exhuman
Newly resleeved psi-epsilon asyncs


2 Rez Points

+ 10 to i-Rep (firewall)
+ 5 to c-Rep (corporate) or g-Rep (criminal) (your choice)
-5 to c-Rep (corporate) or g-Rep (criminal) (the one you didn’t choose above)


  • Did the leg work and came up with a plan to infiltrate the SCCR
  • Met with Masakado, the triad underboss, to get information about the SCCR and were attacked by a Cognite hit squad.
  • Infiltrated the SCCR as maintenance crew and found a hidden entrance to a top secret Cognite lab doing research in the Watts-Macleod virus.
  • You find that the Exhuman and Mazlin Fay have attached Deckard to an interface and are using him to hack the system. They have resleeved a number of asyncs into futura morphs.
  • A firefight ensues between your team and the exhuman, Mazlin and the aynscs. One of the asyncs manages to escape. As Mazlin dies her body disassembles into a devourer nanoswarm that starts to consume the whole facility.
  • You egocast out with the cortical stacks of Deckard and Fay to a Firewall safehouse. You are greeted by Agent Smith on the other side.



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