Dying Light

Some People Pick The Darndest Places To Start A Fight

Session 5


PCs (Players)

J. Robert Anderson (Craig)
Hiroshi Hardcastle (Drew)
Valter Ahlstrom (JR)


Agent Azura
Agent Schism
Agent Smith
Samual Cox
Mr. Book


Pirate’s Booty Game Land
Firewall Safehouse


April 18th, 10 AF


No combat encounters


50,000 credits per player for returning Mazlin Fay and Eldon Deckard to Mr. Book


  • After resleeving at the Firewall safehouse you meet with Agent Smith and are debriefed.
  • During debrief, Robert Anderson, clothed in a bloody, tattered officer’s uniform bursts into the safehouse. He is carrying the TiTAN artifact from Murph’s Morphs and has no recollection of how he got out of the SCCR or found the safehouse.
  • You set up the meeting with Mr. Book at the Pirate’s Booty to drop off the stacks of Fay and Deckard, but not before making a copy of Deckard’s. When you meet with Book you get your payday. He also has more work for you (see list of possible plot hooks below).

Plot Hooks



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