Dying Light


Session 2


PCs (Players)

Apollo McCree (Nathan)
J. Robert Anderson (Craig)
Valter Ahlstrom (Jon)
Hackman (Hantsch)
Hiroshi Hardcastle (Drew)




Valles-New Shanghai
Little Shanghai
Triad Tower
Block 4


April 16th, 10 AF


No combat encounters


1 Rez Point


  • Went to Hackman’s. He performed psychosurgery on Murph’s brain fragment.
  • You find memories of Murph receiving a Titan artifact from Dr. Deckard and Mazlin in exchange for passage to Torii, a Go-nin settlement in the Kuiper Belt. A bizarre creature attacks Murph and his lackeys, killing them easily. It then knocks Deckard unconscious and carries him to a vehicle outside. Mazlin walks alongside the creature and gets in the car. You catch a glimpse of the license AR as it flies off. It is registered to a janitor in the Block 4 Arcology.
  • After some hacking you find that the vehicle was not headed to Block4 but somewhere into the northeast side of the dome. You suspect that it may have been heading to Triad Tower.
  • Hiroshi calls in some favors and gets into Masakado’s penthouse suite for a party they are having to ride out the quarantine. You party with the mob and find no sign of Mazlin, the creature or the doctor.
  • You receive a call from Mr. Book telling you to get on the case as the quarantine will be lifted in three hours. you call in a favor to have the quarantine extended for another twelve.
  • You make your way to Block 4 and find the janitor’s corpse in his apartment. After some further investigation you find some strange energy readings on the roof. You make your way up to investigate.



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