Dying Light

Hunters Hunted

Session 3


PCs (Players)

Apollo McCree (Nathan)
J. Robert Anderson (Craig)
Hiroshi Hardcastle (Drew)


Agent Smith


Valles-New Shanghai
Little Shanghai
Block 4
Shanghai Center for Criminal Rehabilitation


April 16th, 10 AF


6 Exhuman Predators


1 Rez Point


  • Made your way to the roof of Block 4. Find a large fabber under construction and a number of forced growth pods producing Futura morphs.
  • You are attacked by a large number of powerful morphs that appear to be exhuman in nature. Things are getting dicey when out of nowhere a young girl opens one of the vent covers and beacons you to follow her. You escape through the ventilation shafts with the help of the Firewall Agent Smith who is in a neotenic morph. She reads you all in and tells you to locate the missing vehicle and that information about it is somewhere in this building. She will attempt to dismantle the fabber.
  • You make your way to the parking deck and persuade the parking attendant AI to give you information about the vehicle. It appears to be stopped at an intersection in the northeast ward, between Triad Tower, a national guard armory and the Shanghai Center for Criminal Rehabilitation (SCCR).
  • You initially decide to investigate the armory but some instinct of Robert Anderson’s tells him that the SCCR is where you need to go. You divert to the SCCR and after talking to the guards you find that something suspicious is going on. They act very strangely when you ask them about the last tow days. It appears that their memories have been tampered with.
  • You leave and make a plan to infiltrate the prison.



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