Dying Light

Big Trouble in Little Shanghai

Session 1


PCs (Players)

Apollo McCree (Nathan)
Hiroshi Hardcastle (Drew)
J. Robert Anderson (Craig)
Valter Ahlstrom (Jon)


Mr. Book
Dr. Eldon Deckard
Mazlin Fay
Randall Fay


Valles-New Shanghai
Little Shanghai
Ronzo’s Noodles
Red Dragon Bar
Murph’s Morphs
Cognite Covert Ego Vault


April 15th, 10 AF


6 Triad Soldiers in Murph’s Morphs


1 Rez Point


A nanological weapon used in a terrorist attack in Little Shanghai turns 262144 backed up egos into grey goo. The dome is on lock down while the authorities try to track down the perpetrators.

You all receive a call from Mr. Book with a high risk, high pay off job. Randall Fay‘s daughter, Mazlin Fay has gone missing along with Cognite’s director of special projects, Dr. Eldon Deckard. They were last seen in Little Shanghai. You are to find them and bring them back alive before they can flee the city.

You track them down to a dark casting facility in the basement of Murph’s Morphs. They aren’t there. But someone just left. There are ten dead triad soldiers and the silent alarm has been tripped. More triad soldiers show up. You find Murph dying in the basement while you hold them off. You explode them. You flee with a fragmented image of Murph’s brain.



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